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Just Business provides information and activities about global and ethical issues for students and teachers of Business Studies and Economics.


Resources are primarily for teachers, but there is material useful to students, too.


Our Glossary defines terms encountered in the area of Business, Economics and Development Studies.


Our Links offer views and opinions outside the mainstream.

Featured Resources

Our Africa teaching resources
The Our Africa website is an evolving collection of videos of daily life in Africa as seen through the eyes of young people across the African continent. As well as giving a unique insight into Africa, the free resources on the site can be readily used in the classroom in support of the national curriculum.
A role-playing game to do with the economic, business and social aspects of rainforest destruction [ in Resources On-line »» ].
Growing Bananas
A whole-class trading game. Discover how difficult life can be for banana growers in the Caribbean [ in Resources For Sale »» ].
Cafédirect Case Study
Comprehensive case study into the fair-trade coffee company [ in Case Studies »» ].
The Real Price of Cotton
An original teaching resource developed for students of Business Studies, Economics and Citizenship [ in Resources For Sale »» ].

What is Just Business?

Just Business was a project started by NEAD that seeks to encourage and support the inclusion of a global and ethical dimension in the teaching and learning of Business Studies and Economics in UK schools. Globalisation is a topic that is high on the agenda of government, business and civil society. This process is being driven by the globalisation of the world's markets. Economics and Business Studies have at their hearts the study of markets, and therefore students of those subjects need to be informed about global issues.

Although the market has become the global form of economic organisation, there is public concern over some of the consequences of unregulated free enterprise. There are growing calls for greater transparency and accountability in the dealings of Business and Government. In particular there is a demand for the 'ethical auditing' of business and economic activity.

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